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What should I expect for my first appointment?


Please allow up to 60 minutes for your initial appointment. During this time, we will take a comprehensive history and assessment to assist us to develop a personalised treatment plan for your presenting condition. 


Follow up appointments are usually 30-45mins in length depending on the complexity of your condition, we will discuss this with you during your appointment.


What is a pelvic floor assessment?


Your appointment may involve a perineal, vaginal or rectal assessment.  These assessments enable us to gain valuable information about your pelvic floor so we can tailor a treatment plan specifically to you. All our Physiotherapists have undergone extensive postgraduate training in Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy and are highly skilled. Your physiotherapist will explain the assessment in detail during your appointment and gain your full consent. 


We have alternative assessments available if you prefer.  There is no special preparation required for your appointment. 


I have my period, should I still come to my appointment?


We see women across the lifespan and across their menstrual cycles. It is still beneficial to come, and we can assess you in any way you feel comfortable. 



Can I bring children to my appointment?


Of course! Or if you prefer to come alone that is also fine (a good excuse for some solo time)


I am really struggling after the birth of my child and can’t make the clinic. Any options?


Please call us and we can discuss your individual needs. We are always happy to do home visits to clients in exceptional circumstances, including, but not limited to, mastitis and following birth trauma. 


Do you see WorkSafe, TAC or NDIS clients?

We are not a registered provider for these insurance schemes. You are welcome to see us privately and take up the claim with your insurer independently of us. Your invoice will need to be paid in full at the time of the appointment.


I have a Chronic Disease Management Plan from my GP, can I see you?


Of course! A CDMP will get you a rebate of $58 towards 5 physiotherapy appointments. We do ask that you please pay your invoice in full at the time of the appointment and claim with your invoice through Medicare. 


Can I claim my private health?


Yes you can! Just make sure you have extras (Physiotherapy). 

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